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ReliableTXT in Java


The source code of the Stenway ReliableTXT reference library can be found on GitHub

You can find JAR files or dependency information on the Maven Central Repository


Join lines

ReliableTxtDocument document = 
        new ReliableTxtDocument("Line1", "Line2", "Line3");

Split into lines

ReliableTxtDocument document = 
        new ReliableTxtDocument("Line1\nLine2\nLine3");

String[] lines = document.getLines();

Specify encoding

var docUtf8 = new ReliableTxtDocument("a");
var docUtf16 = new ReliableTxtDocument("a", ReliableTxtEncoding.UTF_16);

var document = new ReliableTxtDocument("a");

Encode as bytes

var document = new ReliableTxtDocument("a");

byte[] bytes = document.getBytes();

Save as ReliableTXT file

var document = new ReliableTxtDocument("Line1\nLine2");"UTF-8.txt");

Load a ReliableTXT file

ReliableTxtDocument document = ReliableTxtDocument.load("UTF-16.txt");

Load a ReliableTXT document from memory

byte[] bytes = new byte[] {(byte)0xFE, (byte)0xFF, 0x00, 0x61};

ReliableTxtDocument document = new ReliableTxtDocument(bytes);

Handle invalid documents

try {
    var document = ReliableTxtDocument.load("Readme.txt");
} catch (ReliableTxtException e) {

Code points and supplementary characters

int[] codePoints = new int[] {0x61, 0xDF, 0x6771, 0x20007};

ReliableTxtDocument document = new ReliableTxtDocument(codePoints);

Streaming Classes

Read a ReliableTXT file line by line

try (ReliableTxtStreamReader reader = 
        new ReliableTxtStreamReader("BigFile.txt")) {
    String line = null;
    while ((line = reader.readLine()) != null) {

Write a ReliableTXT file line by line

try (ReliableTxtStreamWriter writer = 
        new ReliableTxtStreamWriter("MyBigFile.txt")) {
    for (int i=1; i<=100000000; i++) {
        writer.writeLine("Line "+i);

Specify encoding

ReliableTxtStreamWriter writer = 
        new ReliableTxtStreamWriter("MyBigFile.txt",


ReliableTxtStreamWriter writer = 
        new ReliableTxtStreamWriter("MyBigFile.txt", true);