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ReliableTXT offers you ...

  • 100% reliable encoding and decoding (no ambiguities, no uncertainty, no guessing)
  • never worry about incorrect or corrupted character encoding again
  • never write the encoding name in the content of your text file again
  • one single line break convention instead of multiple
  • never be asked again if inconsistend line endings should be fixed
  • built upon Unicode
  • support for variable-width, 16-bit and 32-bit encoding
  • reliable append mode (no encoding switches)
  • 100% automatable
  • no manual steps required
  • an alternative naming scheme for endianess
  • solid foundation for your textual file formats

What do you need to do?

Save your text files with:

  • UTF-8 encoding including the BOM
  • line feeds as line separator (LF / Unix)

Short Introduction